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Parasha 4 Vayers ( He appeared) B’resheet/Genesis 18:1-22:24


Synopsis – Pharoah’s dream, the famine, Israel sends his sons to Egypt seeking food, Joseph deceives his brothers, Jacob’s sons return to Egypt with Benjamin, the sons of Israel change their ways


Theme & Message – The focus of this lesson is  that the reality of sin in all people is seen by God, revealed by God and can only be cleansed by God.  No matter how good or righteous a person may seem on the outside, it is God who sees the truth of sin hidden in the hearts of people. It is only by the cleansing blood of the Lamb of God, Yeshua, that sins can be cleansed away.  No matter how old the sin is, no matter bad the sin seems to be, the blood of Yeshua has the power to clean it and God’s heart is always willing to forgive.



TORAH LESSON – Although Joseph’s family believed him to be dead or never to be seen again, Joseph was alive and well and the Lord was preparing him for his true great mantle.  He was greatly anointed in the interpretation of dreams even while imprisoned.  When the Pharaoh was given dreams neither he nor his other servants could interpret, it was the cupbearer who remembered Joseph’s gift and told the Pharaoh about him.  The Pharaoh and the Egyptian people could see the anointing and gifting in Joseph a lifted him to a place of honor, respect and responsibility and trust.  They trusted him with their lives, their very futures.  As he prepared them for the impending famine he faithfully accepted the great task with respect and care.  When the great famine finally struck the land, the other nations readily had begun to seek the bread from Joseph’s storehouses. Finally, it was the sons of Israel who appeared before him seeking the same bread.  His true identity was hidden from the brothers in plain sight. They did not recognize their own flesh and blood.  . The brothers along with their father needed to prove they had learned by Joseph then uses this trial to teach his brothers a valuable lesson in humility, repentance and forgiveness showing obedience and selflessness even if it meant risking the life of the precious young brother, Benjamin. For without this willingness of sacrifice, there would be certain starvation and death for the entire family of Israel.   In the end, we see a transformed family who recognize their sin in selling their brother Joseph, recognize their helplessness to restore things to the way it should be, and finally show compassion in caring more for their brother and father than for themselves.  They give over the entire situation to Joseph and depend on his mercy.



And Judah said, “What shall we say to my lord? What shall we speak? Or how can we clear ourselves? God has found out the guilt of your servants; behold, we are my lord’s servants, both we and he also in whose hand the cup has been found.”                        B’resheet/ Genesis 44:16



BRIT HADASHA LESSON – Scripture tells us that Yeshua used his time on this earth laying the foundation for a much later work to come when he would ascend to His throne and ultimately come to reign on this earth as king and reveal himself to the whole earth. Yet even His own disciples had to first learn a lesson of humility and dependence on Yeshua.  Immediately after Yeshua’s arrest and straight through the crucifixion, the disciples were plagued with sin of lying, sin of doubt, and hiding their knowledge of the Messiah instead of proclaiming Him. (Mt 26:31)  Those who had witnessed and experienced his healing power told the good news of Yeshua’s coming(.Jhn 9:25-38)  The body of Messiah began with a few faithful Jewish men traveling to newly believing Jews in various synagogues teaching from the Holy Scriptures that Yeshua was indeed the foretold Messiah of whom the scriptures and prophets had spoken. (Acts 6:7) At first, the message of Yeshua’s greatness was well received in greater numbers by the goyim, the gentiles. Scripture tells us crowds of people clamored for the Word, the bread of life (Acts 13:42-44). We know from scripture that, one day by the witness of the goyim will all Israel will come to know the Messiah.(Rom 11:25-32) All people must repent of their sin to be washed in the blood of Yeshua. In His mercy and grace, we will be forgiven. We must all turn our hearts to Him and trust Him to guide us and provide for us in all things. Yeshua gladly receives all who turn to him.(Mat18:12-14)  



TODAY’S TEMPLE – Read Matthew 19: 25- 30. In the days when Joseph lived, the punishment for sin was swift and harsh. Joseph and his brothers were the patriarchs of the tribes that would one day represent the nation of Israel.  Because they were God’s chosen people, they bore more responsibility than any other people on the earth before them or since.  The nations would learn about God through Israel, so the tribes of Israel and their descendants were expected to set a good example for the other nations to see. As the examples, God would more intensely and harshly judge them than any other people. On the other hand, if they were humble, and obedient to God, they would be more abundantly blessed than any other nation.



As today’s disciples of Yeshua we are either descendants of Abraham who are completed as Jews or, if we were not born Jews, we are grafted in to the olive tree that is Israel. We are honorary citizens of Israel according to scripture. We have God’s laws written on our hearts so that we can obey Him more closely. But His ways are more perfect than we can imagine, His perfection is beyond our reach. But His promises and blessings are worth any sacrifice



When the talmidim heard it, they were exceedingly astonished, saying, "Who then can be saved?" Looking at them, Yeshua said, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:25-26


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