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Vayishlach (He sent) B’resheet/ Genesis 32:4-36:43



Ya’akov/Jacob returns to the Holy Land after a 20-year stay in Charan, and sends angel-emissaries to Esav in hope of a reconciliation; but his messengers report that his brother is on the warpath with 400 armed men. Jacob prepares for war, prays, and sends Esav a large gift (consisting of hundreds of heads of sheep and cattle) to appease him.

That night, Ya’akov ferries his family and possessions across the Yabbok River; he, however, remains behind and encounters the Lord Yeshua with whom he wrestles until daybreak. Ya’akov suffers a dislocated hip but vanquishes the supernal creature, who bestows on him the name Israel, which means "He who prevails over the Divine."

 Ya’akov  and Esav meet, embrace and kiss, but part ways. Ya’akov purchases a plot of land near Shechem, whose crown prince -- also called Shechem -- abducts and rapes Ya’akov 's daughter Dinah. Dinah's brothers Sh’mon/Simon and Levi avenge the deed by killing all male inhabitants of the city after rendering them defenseless by convincing them to circumcise themselves.

Ya’akov journeys on. Rachel dies while giving birth to her second son, Benyamim/Benjamin, and is buried in a roadside grave near Bethlehem. Re’uven/Reuben loses the birthright because he interferes with his father's marital life. Ya’akov arrives in Hebron, to his father Yitzach/Isaac, who later dies at age 180 (Rivka/Rebecca has passed away before Ya’akov 's arrival).

Our Parshah concludes with a detailed account of Esav's wives, children and grandchildren, and the family histories of the people of Se'ir among whom Esau settled.


Hebrew Meanings:

H3478  ישׂראל  yiśrâ'êl BDB Definition: Israel = “God prevails” or “One who wrestles with God”

1) the second name for Jacob given to him by God after his wrestling with the angel at Peniel

2) the name of the descendants and the nation of the descendants of Jacob

2a) the name of the nation until the death of Solomon and the split

2b) the name used and given to the northern kingdom consisting of the 10 tribes under Jeroboam; the southern kingdom was known as Judah

2c) the name of the nation after the return from exile

H6439  פּניאל  /  פּנוּאל  penû'êl  /  penîy'êl  BDB Definition: Penuel or Peniel = “facing God”

H8165  שׂעיר  śê‛îyr BDB Definition:Seir = “hairy” or “shaggy”

H5523  סכּת  /  סכּות  sûkkôth  /  BDB Definition: Succoth = “booths”


H7927  שׁכם  shekem BDB Definition: Shechem = “back” or “shoulder”

H2544  חמור  chămôr BDB Definition: Hamor = “he-ass”

H2340  חוּי  chivvîy BDB Definition: Hivite = “villagers”


H3327  יצחק  yitschâq  BDB Definition: Isaac = “he laughs”

H3290  יעקב  ya‛ăqôb  BDB Definition:Jacob = “heel holder” or “supplanter”

H6307  פדּן ארם  /  פּדּן  paddân  /  paddan 'ărâm BDB Definition: Padan or Padan-aram = “field”

H3837  לבן  lâbân BDB Definition: Laban = “white”

H7259  רבקה  ribqâh BDB Definition: Rebekah = “ensnarer”

H1008  בּית־אל  bêytḣ'êl  BDB Definition: Bethel = “house of God”

H3870  לוּז  lûz  BDB Definition: Luz = “almond tree”

H2771  חרן  chârân BDB Definition: Haran = “mountaineer”

H7354  רחל  râchêl BDB Definition: Rachel = “ewe”

H3812  לאה  lê'âh BDB Definition: Leah = “weary”

H2153  זלפּה  zilpâh BDB Definition: Zilpah = “a trickling”

H1090  בּלהה  bilhâh BDB Definition: Bilhah = “troubled”

H7205  ראוּבן  re'ûbên BDB Definition: Reuben = “behold a son”

H8095 שׁמעון  shim‛ôn  BDB Definition: Simeon or Shimeon = “heard”

H3878  לוי  lêvîy BDB Definition: Levi = “joined to”

H3063  יהוּדה  yehûdâh BDB Definition: Judah = “praised”

H1835  דּן  dân  BDB Definition: Dan = “a judge”

H5321  נפתּלי  naphtâlîy  BDB Definition: Naphtali = “wrestling”

H1410  גּד  gâd  BDB Definition: Gad = “troop”

H836  אשׁר  'âshêr  BDB Definition: Asher = “happy”

H3485  ישּׂשׂכר  yiśśâśkâr  BDB Definition:  Issachar = “there is recompense”

H2074  זבוּלן  /  זבלוּן  /  זבוּלוּן  zebûlûn  /  zebûlûn  BDB Definition: Zebulun = “exalted”

H1783  דּינה  dîynâh BDB Definition: Dinah = “judgment

H3130  יוסף  yôsêph  BDB Definition: Joseph = “Jehovah has added”




B’resheet/GENESIS 32

This chapter informs us of Ya’akov/Jacob's proceeding on in his journey, and of his being met and guarded by an host of angels, Gen_32:1; of his sending messengers to his brother Esav, acquainting him with his increase, and desiring his favour and good will, Gen_32:3, who return and report to him, that Esav was coming to him with four hundred men, which put him into a panic, and after devising ways and means for the security of himself; and those with him, at least a part, if not the whole, Gen_32:6; then follows a prayer of his to God, pressing his unworthiness of mercies, and his sense of them, imploring deliverance from his brother, and putting the Lord in mind of his promises, Gen_32:9; after which we have an account of the wise methods he took for the safety of himself and family, by sending a present to his brother, dividing those who had the charge of it into separate companies, and directing them to move at a proper distance from each other, he, his wives and children, following after, Gen_32:13; when they were over the brook Jabbok, he stopped, and being alone, the Son of God in an human form appeared to him, and wrestled with him, with whom Ya’akov/Jacob prevailed, and got the blessing, and hence had the name of Israel, Gen_32:24; and though he could not get his name, he perceived it was a divine Person he had wrestled with, and therefore called the name of the place Penuel, Gen_32:29; the hollow of his thigh being touched by him with whom he wrestled, which put it out of joint, he halted as he went over Penuel, in commemoration of which the children of Israel eat not of that part of the thigh, Gen_32:31.


Gen 32:6  (32:7) The messengers returned to Ya`akov saying, "We went to your brother `Esav, and he is coming to meet you; with him are four hundred men."


Four hundred men with him; partly to show his grandeur, and partly out of respect to Ya’akov, and to do honour to him; though some think this was done with an ill design upon him, and which indeed seems probable; and it is certain Ya’akov so understood it, as is evident by the distress it gave him, and by the methods he took for his safety, and by the gracious appearance of God unto him, and the strength he gave him on this occasion, not only to pray to and wrestle with him, but to prevail both with God and men, as the following account shows. The Targums of Jonathan and Jerusalem call these four hundred men leaders or generals of armies, which is not probable; they were most likely Esav's subjects, his tenants and servants. It is also conceivable to note that Esav did it to show how prosperous he had become. What was important Esav military, hunting prowess. Things on this line were things close to his heart. This was not the case with Ya’akov remember when he was born he was a man of tents.


400 men why? Scripture ref:

(Gen 32:6)  (32:7) The messengers returned to Ya`akov saying, "We went to your brother `Esav, and he is coming to meet you; with him are four hundred men."


(Gen 33:1)  Ya`akov raised his eyes and looked out; and there was `Esav coming, and four hundred men with him. So Ya`akov divided the children between Le'ah, Rachel and the two slave-girls,


(1Sa 25:13)  David said to his men, "Buckle your swords on, all of you!" Each one buckled on his sword, David too; and there went up after David about four hundred men, while two hundred stayed with the equipment.


(1Sa 30:10)  Then David continued in pursuit with four hundred men, while two hundred too exhausted to cross Vadi B'sor stayed behind.


(Act 5:36)  Some time ago, there was a rebellion under Todah, who claimed to be somebody special; and a number of men, maybe four hundred, rallied behind him. But upon his being put to death, his whole following was broken up and came to nothing.



Verses 8-11 Ya’akov splits into two camps, why? When we follow the promise of God we get to our destination. This is like the two parts of people today. Those who follow the LORD and His will and those who are afraid of what man will do to you. (NT: Mat 6:25-28)


Verses 23-24 Crossing the Yabok. The stream or river of emptying. Interesting how this sentence procures Yaakov’s fight with the Yeshua.


Verse 25-31 Ya’akov fights with Adonai because he (Ya’akov) says it in verse 31.

Gen 32:30  (32:31) Ya`akov called the place P'ni-El [face of God], "Because I have seen God face to face, yet my life is spared."

Verse 29 Ya’akov name is changed from Ya’akov to Israel. See definition of his name.


 B’resheet/ GENESIS 33


In this chapter we find Esav meeting Ya’akov in a friendly manner, contrary to his fears and expectation, having set his family in order in case of the worst, Gen_33:1; putting questions to Ya’akov concerning the women and children with him, who make their obeisance to him as Ya’akov had done before, Gen_33:5; and concerning the drove he met, which was a present to him, and which he refused at first to take, but at the urgency of Ya’akov accepted of it, Gen_33:8; proposing to travel with him, unto which Ya’akov desired to be excused, he, with the women, children, and flocks, not being able to keep pace with him, Gen_33:12, and to leave some of his men with him to guard him, which Ya’akov judged unnecessary, upon which they parted friendly, Gen_33:15; and the chapter is concluded with an account of Ya’akov's journey, first to Succoth, then to Shalem, where he pitched his tent, bought a field and built an altar, Gen_33:17.


Verse 2 we see the last group to leave the side of Ya’akov. It is Rachel and Yosef. Yosef who is a foreshadow of the Messiah. How the father Ya’akov kept his most prized possession next to him until he had to let the son go.


Verse 4 the brother come together in love. Esav wept on Ya’akov neck. The neck in Hebrew is the connecting place of our mind and our heart. In this instance we see that even the toughest person can be melted into submission with the love of a brother.



B’resheet/GENESIS 34


This chapter gives an account of the ravishment of Dinah by Shechem, Gen_34:1; of his father Hamor and him treating with Ya’akov and his sons about the marriage of her, Gen_34:6; of the condition proposed by Ya’akov's sons, circumcision of all the males in Shechem, which was agreed to by Shechem and his father, Gen_34:13; of the men of Shechem being persuaded to yield to it, Gen_34:20; and of the destruction of them on the third day by Sh’mon/Simeon and Levi, and of the plunder of their city and field, and of the captivity of their wives and children by Ya’akov's sons, which gave Ya’akov great offence, and in which they justified themselves, Gen_34:25.


Verse 1-2 The only daughter of Ya’akov gets raped and humiliated by Sh’khem the son of Hamor the Hevi.


Verse 7 The men of Israel are very upset as to what has been done to the daughter of Zion. But Ya’akov being a man of words and not battle decides to talk instead of taking action against this action. This is a foreshadow of Israel today.


Verse 13-15 The sons except the marriage proposal deceptively. They tell them if they circumcise there foreskins that they will be allowed into Israel’s clan. They lied because it never was there intention. Instead of being straight forward they use God’s covenant as a deception.


Verse 24-25 breaking there word. Two sons of Israel Shim’on and Levi dishonor there family and God by breaking there word.



B’resheet/ GENESIS 35


This chapter gives an account of Ya’akov's going to Beth-El, and building an altar there by the order and direction of God, Gen_35:1, where Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, died and was buried, Gen_35:8, and where God appeared to Ya’akov, confirmed the new name of Israel he had given him, and renewed to him the promises of the multiplication of his seed, and of their inheriting the land of Canaan, Gen_35:9; all which is gratefully acknowledged by Ya’akov, who erected a pillar in the place, and called it Beth-El, in memory of God's gracious appearance to him there, Gen_35:14; from hence he journeyed towards his father's house, and on the way Rachel his wife fell in travail, and bore him a son, and died, and was buried near Ephrath, Gen_35:16; near this place Re’uven/Reuben committed incest with Bilhah, Gen_35:22, and the names of the twelve sons of Ya’akov are given, Gen_35:23; and the chapter is closed with an account of Ya’akov's arrival at his father's house, of the death of Yitzchak/Isaac, and of his burial at the direction of his two sons, Gen_35:27.


Gen 35:8  Then D'vorah, Rivkah's nurse, died. She was buried below Beit-El under the oak, which was given the name Alon-Bakhut [oak of weeping].

This is the only place in scripture that we see the Alon-Bakhut. The tree of weeping. D’vorah who’s name means bumble bee was a help or a maidservant to Rivkah. A bumble bee goes out and gets nectar to bring back to the family. When it is about to die it flies around all the flowers that have produced good nectar and let the other bees know where that good nectar is. D’vorah was buried under a tree of weeping. The same goes for Yeshua he went out bringing nectar to the family and when He was about to die He was brought to the tree of weeping.


Verse 18 Rachel goes into labor but dies giving birth to Ben-oni (son of Grief). But Ya’akov does not want that name for the child and changes it to Benyamin (son of my right hand).


Verse 19 Rachel is buried in Efrat (Beit-Lechem)



B’resheet/GENESIS 36


This chapter gives us a genealogical account of Esav's family, of his wives and sons, with whom he removed from Seir, Gen_36:1; of his sons' sons, or grandsons, who were dukes in the land of Edom, Gen_36:11; after which is inserted a genealogy of Seir the Horite, into whose family Esav married, and of his children, and the dukes among them, Gen_36:20; then follows a list of the kings of Edom, before there were any in Israel, Gen_36:31; and the chapter is closed with a brief narration of the dukes of Esav , according to their families, Gen_36:40.




Mettiyahu Chapter 26 & 27. We have the tree of weeping. The one Messiah paid for us on and the one Yehudah (Judas) hung himself on. Both instances the Father was very sad and this is why they are both the Alon-Bakhut.


1 Corinthians 5. sexual sin and expelling the evildoer from among you.


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