Parash 45 Va’etchanan (I pleaded) D’Varim/Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11

Synopsis Moshe tells the people of Israel how he implored God to allow him to enter the land of Israel, but God refused, instructing him instead to ascend a mountain and see the Promised Land from the Pisgah (Cleft of the rock).

Continuing his "review of the Torah," Moshe describes the Exodus from Mitsrayim (Egypt) and the Giving of the Torah (TEACHINGS-LAW), declaring them unprecedented events in human history. "Has there ever occurred this great thing, or has the likes of it ever been heard? Did ever a people hear the voice of God speaking out of the midst of the fire...and live? ... You were shown, to know, that God is the God... there is none else beside Him." Showing how Adonai is so loving towards His people and how it is only satan that would say that this love letter is bad. How the Lord says that He will show GRACE to those who love what He loves.

Moshe predicts in the end-of-days (acharit-hayamim) that, in future generations, the people will turn away from Adonai, worship idols, and be exiled from their land and scattered amongst the Goyim (nations); but from there they will seek Adonai, and return to obey His commandments.

Our Parshah also includes a repetition of the Ten Commandments, and the verses of the Shmah which declare the fundamentals of the our faith: the unity of God ("Hear Israel: God our God, God is one"); the mitzvot to love Adonai, study His Torah, and bind "these words" as tefillin on our arm and head and inscribe them in the mezuzot affixed on the doorposts of our home. It is amazing once again the word to see these words being used for the Lord’s Sh’ma and at the end of the Sh’ma the word Echad is used. The word Echad means one group.


Theme & Message Deu 4:40  Therefore, you are to keep his laws and mitzvot which I am giving you today, so that it will go well with you and with your children after you

This phrase “It will go well with you” is used over and over in this Parasha by Adonai. So you might think that humanity might have learned something by now. Especially those who engrafted in to the Hebrew Olive tree and have 20/20 hind sight. But we are so easy mislead by hasatan we think we know better then Adonai. It should be easy to read the above Scripture and just follow the promise especially with the new eyesight      .


Hebrew Meanings:

H6449 פּסגּה  pisgâh BDB Definition:Pisgah = “cleft”

H1221  בּצר  betser BDB Definition: Bezer = “gold ore” or “remote fortress”

H7206  ראוּבני  re'ûbênîy BDB Definition: Reubenite = see Reuben “behold a son”


H7216  ראמת  /  ראמות  râ'môth  BDB Definition: Ramoth = “heights”

H1568  גּלעד  gil‛âd  BDB Definition: Gilead = “rocky region”

H1425  גּדי  gâdîy BDB Definition: Gadite = “an invader: a troop: fortune”


H1474 גּולן  gôlân BDB Definition: Golan = “their captivity: their rejoicing”

H1316 בּשׁן  bâshân BDB Definition: Bashan = “fruitful”

H4520  מנשּׁי  menashshîy BDB Definition: Manassites = Manasseh “causing to forget”


People being displaced by the Lord 7:1

H2850  חתּי  chittîy BDB Definition:Hittite = “descendant of Heth”

H1622  גּרגּשׁי  girgâshîy  BDB Definition: Girgashite or Girgasite = “dwelling on a clayey soil”

H567  אמרי  'ĕmôrîy  BDB Definition:Amorite = “a sayer

H3669  כּנעני  kena‛anîy  BDB Definition: Canaanite = see Cana “zealous”

H6522  פּרזּי  perizzîy  BDB Definition: Perizzite = “belonging to a village”

H2340  חוּי  chivvîy  BDB Definition:  Hivite = “villagers”

H2983  יבוּסי  yebûsîy  BDB Definition: Jebusite = “descendants of Jebus”

1) descendants of the 3rd son of Canaan who lived in or around the site of Jebus, the early name for Jerusalem








D’varim/Deuteronomy 3 -

Moshe, in this chapter, relates, 

I.                   The conquest of Og, king of Bashan, and the seizing of his country (Deu_3:1-11). 

II.                The distribution of these new conquests to the two tribes and a half (Deu_3:12-17). Under certain provisos and limitations (Deu_3:18-20). 

III.             The encouragement given to Joshua to carry on the war which was so gloriously begun (Deu_3:21, Deu_3:22). 

IV.              Moshe’s request to go over into Canaan (Deu_3:23-25), with the denial of that request, but the grant of an equivalent (Deu_3:26, etc.).



Deu 3:26  But Adonai was angry with me on account of you, and he didn't listen to me. Adonai said to me, 'Enough from you! Don't say another word to me about this matter!

Leadership has a price. Many times we don’t understand the levels or layers that are going on when someone is in leadership. You could feel Moshe’s pain when he said it was account of his family members (Israel) that he sinned against Adonai.


Luk 12:48  however, the one who did what deserves a beating, but didn't know, will receive few lashes. From him who has been given much, much will be demanded — from someone to whom people entrust much, they ask still more.



D’varim/Deuteronomy 4 -

Exhortation to a Faithful Observance of the Law – D’Varim (Deuteronomy)

With the word ועתּה, “and now,” Moshe passes from a contemplation of what the Lord had done for Israel, to an exhortation to keep the law of the Lord. The divine manifestations of grace laid Israel under the obligation to a conscientious observance of the law that they might continue to enjoy the blessings of the covenant. The exhortation commences with the appeal, to hear and keep the commandments and rights of the Lord, without adding to them or taking from them; for not only were life and death suspended upon their observance, but it was in this that the wisdom and greatness of Israel before all the nations consisted (Deu_4:1-8). It then proceeds to a warning, not to forget the events at Horeb (Deu_4:9-14) and so fall into idolatry, the worship of images or idol deities (Deu_4:15-24); and it closes with a threat of dispersion among the heathen as the punishment of apostasy, and with a promise of restoration as the consequence of repentance and sincere conversion (Deu_4:25-31), and also with a reason for this threat and promise drawn from the history of the immediate past (Deu_4:32-34), for the purpose of fortifying the nation in its fidelity to its God, the sole author of its salvation (Deu_4:35-40).


Deu 4:1  "Now, Isra'el, listen to the laws and rulings I am teaching you, in order to follow them, so that you will live; then you will go in and take possession of the land that Adonai, the God of your fathers, is giving you.

Moshe goes over the contract once more the people. Like buying a house or car you are liable…


Deu 4:2  In order to obey the mitzvot of Adonai your God which I am giving you, do not add to what I am saying, and do not subtract from it.

The Lord tells His people to not add or subtract from these His Laws. This is how you can see in the Book of Revelation that Yeshua is the Lord. Because He once again says the same thing at the end of the book


Deu 4:5  Look, I have taught you laws and rulings, just as Adonai my God ordered me, so that you can behave accordingly in the land where you are going in order to take possession of it.

Here we see that Moshe is a teacher of Adonai’s ways. What is a teacher? H3925  למד lâmad

BDB Definition: 1) to learn. teach, exercise in, 1a) (Qal) to learn, 1b) (Piel) to teach, 1c) (Pual) to be taught, be trained


Verses 5-6 The Lord tells us by following His ways people will know that you have “wisdom & understanding”


Deu 4:6  Therefore, observe them; and follow them; for then all peoples will see you as having wisdom and understanding. When they hear of all these laws, they will say, 'This great nation is surely a wise and understanding people.'

People will see what you got and want it. It will be a good jealousy. and say, surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people; that had such a body of laws, in which they were instructed, and according to which they were governed, and in which they walked; that were so agreeable to reason, truth, justice, and equity; insomuch that so far as they became known they were admired and copied after, both by Greeks and Romans; and hence it was that the oracle (f) declared, that only the Chaldeans and Hebrews were a wise people; the Hebrews came from Chaldea, as Abraham the father of them.  (f) Apud Porphyr. in Euseb Evangel. Praepar. l. 9. c. 10. p. 413.


Deu 4:9  Only be careful, and watch yourselves diligently as long as you live, so that you won't forget what you saw with your own eyes, so that these things won't vanish from your hearts. Rather, make them known to your children and grandchildren -

A way of life that is set up by Adonai. That these are things we do in our home. Then there is no disgussion about other pagan ways. CAREFUL H8104  שׁמר  shâmar

BDB Definition: 1) to keep, guard, observe, give heed 1a1) to keep, have charge of 1a2) to keep, guard, keep watch and ward, protect, save life 1a2a) watch, watchman (participle) 1a3) to watch for, wait for 1a4) to watch, observe 1a5) to keep, retain, treasure up (in memory) 1a6) to keep (within bounds), restrain 1a7) to observe, celebrate, keep (sabbath or covenant or commands), perform (vow)1a8) to keep, preserve, protect 1a9) to keep, reserve 1b) (Niphal) 1b1) to be on one’s guard, take heed, take care, beware 1b2) to keep oneself, refrain, abstain 1b3) to be kept, be guarded 1c) (Piel) to keep, pay heed 1d) (Hithpael) to keep oneself from


Deu 4:12  Then Adonai spoke to you out of the fire! You heard the sound of words but saw no shape, there was only a voice.


Deu 4:15  "Therefore, watch out for yourselves! Since you did not see a shape of any kind on the day Adonai spoke to you in Horev from the fire,

There was only a voice.


Verse 16 The Lord speaks about making carved images like the pagans and how that will corrupt you. How this is evil in God eyes.


Deu 4:19  For the same reason, do not look up at the sky, at the sun, moon, stars and everything in the sky, and be drawn away to worship and serve them; Adonai your God has allotted these to all the peoples under the entire sky.

In Egypt there were many of these gods that the Hebrew people would have remembered and possibly taught there children.

Verse 19 Looking to the sky, sun, moon or stars and worshiping them. How this is evil in God eyes. The Lord speaks against it once again in verse 23.



Deu 4:24  For Adonai your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.

The reminder that He is jealous. What is jealousy? 24 verses 27 times

Psa 78:58  They provoked him with their high places and made him jealous with their idols.

Psa 78:59  God heard, and he was angry; he came to detest Isra'el completely.


2Co 11:1  I would like you to bear with me in a little foolishness — please do bear with me!

2Co 11:2  For I am jealous for you with God's kind of jealousy; since I promised to present you as a pure virgin in marriage to your one husband, the Messiah;


In verses 25-31 you see the acharit-hayamim (end-of-days) prophecy given by Moshe from God.



Deu 4:25  "When you have had children and grandchildren, lived a long time in the land, become corrupt and made a carved image, a representation of something, and thus done what is evil in the sight of Adonai your God and provoked him;

Deu 4:26  I call on the sky and the earth to witness against you today that you will quickly disappear from the land that you are crossing the Yarden to possess. You will not prolong your days there but will be completely destroyed.

Deu 4:27  Adonai will scatter you among the peoples; and among the nations to which Adonai will lead you away, you will be left few in number.

This is the prophecy that what would happen did. We must ask why it happened? Ask the children because they must not have been taught the fear of Adonai.



Deu 4:29  However, from there you will seek Adonai your God; and you will find him if you search after him with all your heart and being.

Deu 4:30  In your distress, when all these things have come upon you, in the acharit-hayamim, you will return to Adonai your God and listen to what he says;

Deu 4:31  for Adonai your God is a merciful God. He will not fail you, destroy you, or forget the covenant with your ancestors which he swore to them.

In verse 31 we see HIS compassion for us. That He is looking for the heart to return to His ways. H7349  רחוּם  rachûm

BDB Definition: 1) compassionate 1a) always of God with one possible exception


Deu 4:33  Did any other people ever hear the voice of God speaking out of a fire, as you have heard, and stay alive?

Once again we see it was a voice. Mat 9:7, Luke 3:22, 9:36, Yochanan 5:37!!! 10:3, Rev 1:10


Deu 4:39  know today, and establish it in your heart, that Adonai is God in heaven above and on earth below - there is no other.

In our heart is a process. 430 years in slavery takes a while.


In verse 40 the Lord once again says how it will go well with us if we follow His rules.


Deu 4:40  Therefore, you are to keep his laws and mitzvot which I am giving you today, so that it will go well with you and with your children after you

This phrase “It will go well with you” is used over and over in this Parasha by Adonai. So you might think that humanity might have learned something by now. Especially those who engrafted in to the Hebrew Olive tree and have 20/20 hind sight. But we are so easy mislead by hasatan we think we know better then Adonai. It should be easy to read the above Scripture and just follow the promise especially with the new eyesight     


D’Varim/Deuteronomy 5 -

In this chapter we have the second edition of the ten commandments.

I.                   The general intent of them; they were in the nature of a covenant between God and Israel (Deu_5:1-5).

II.                 The particular precepts are repeated (v. 6-21), with the double delivery of them, both by word and writing (Deu_5:22). 

III.              The settling of the correspondence thenceforward between God and Israel, by the mediation and ministry of Moses.  1. It was Israel's humble petition that it might be so (Deu_5:23-27).  2. It was God's gracious grant that it should be so (Deu_5:28-31). And hence he infers the obligation they were under to obedience (Deu_5:32, Deu_5:33).


Verse 2 speaks about how the Lord made His covenant with the people at Horev and not with there Fathers


Deu 5:4  Adonai spoke with you face to face from the fire on the mountain.

Once again we see the words that Adonai spoke from the fire, why?


Deu 5:7  ב " 'You are to have no other gods before me.

Deu 5:8  You are not to make for yourselves a carved image or any kind of representation of anything in heaven above, on the earth beneath or in the water below the shoreline -

Deu 5:9  you are not to bow down to them or serve them; for I, Adonai your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sins of the parents, also the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,

Bow down to them as in the Egyptian’s did and also other cultures all around them. Jealous.


Deu 5:12  ד " 'Observe the day of Shabbat, to set it apart as holy, as Adonai your God ordered you to do.

Deu 5:13  You have six days to labor and do all your work,

Deu 5:14  but the seventh day is a Shabbat for Adonai your God. On it you are not to do any kind of work - not you, your son or your daughter, not your male or female slave, not your ox, your donkey or any of your other livestock, and not the foreigner staying with you inside the gates to your property — so that your male and female servants can rest just as you do.

This particular Foreigner in the Hebrew is H1616  גּיר  /  גּר  gêr  /  gêyr

BDB Definition: 1) sojourner 1a) a temporary inhabitant, a newcomer lacking inherited rights

1b) of foreigners in Israel, though conceded rights

The other 6 days you are to Labor and do your work. But on His day it about being with HIM.

The most difficult for the so called Christians today is in verse 12. they prefer to follow the pope of the catholic church instead of the God of the bible. The same mistake the Hebrew people made when following man instead of God. It did not go well with them.



Deu 5:16  ה " 'Honor your father and mother, as Adonai your God ordered you to do, so that you will live long and have things go well with you in the land Adonai your God is giving you.


Here we see that we are to honor mother/father. How can we know what mother/father is unless we called them those titles. So would Yeshua be breaking the commandments in Mat 23:9


Deu 5:17  ו " 'Do not murder.

Deu 5:18  (5:17) ז " 'Do not commit adultery.

Deu 5:19  (5:17) ח " 'Do not steal.

Deu 5:20  (5:17) ט " 'Do not give false evidence against your neighbor.

Thought process and Action.



Deu 5:29  (5:26) Oh, how I wish their hearts would stay like this always, that they would fear me and obey all my mitzvot; so that it would go well with them and their children forever.

The wandering heart. Verse 26(29) How the Lord wishes our hearts would stay in fear of Him.

Verse 29(32)-30(33) The Lord once again tells us to not deviate from His path. If we do that all will go well with us.



Deu 5:33  (5:30) You are to follow the entire way which Adonai your God has ordered you; so that you will live, things will go well with you, and you will live long in the land you are about to possess.

THE ENTIRE WAY. In the Hebrew it is more of the entire way to live. Yeshua said I AM the way. H2421  חיה  châyâh BDB Definition: 1) to live, have life, remain alive, sustain life, live prosperously, live for ever, be quickened, be alive, be restored to life or health

1a) (Qal) 1a1) to live 1a1a) to have life 1a1b) to continue in life, remain alive 1a1c) to sustain life, to live on or upon 1a1d) to live (prosperously) 1a2) to revive, be quickened 1a2a) from sickness 1a2b) from discouragement 1a2c) from faintness 1a2d) from death 1b) (Piel) 1b1) to preserve alive, let live 1b2) to give life 1b3) to quicken, revive, refresh 1b3a) to restore to life 1b3b) to cause to grow 1b3c) to restore 1b3d) to revive 1c) (Hiphil) 1c1) to preserve alive, let live 1c2) to quicken, revive 1c2a) to restore (to health) 1c2b) to revive 1c2c) to restore to life

Yochanan 1:23, 7:24, 14:6

D’Varim/Deuteronomy 6 -

Moshe, in this chapter, goes on with his charge to Israel, to be sure to keep up their religion in Canaan. It is much the same with ch. 4. 

I.                   His preface is a persuasive to obedience (Deu_4:1-3). 

II.                He lays down the great principles of obedience. The first truth to be believed, That God is one (Deu_4:4). The first duty to be done, To love him with all our heart (Deu_4:5). 

III.             He prescribes the means for keeping up religion (Deu_4:6-9).

IV.              He cautions them against those things which would be the ruin of religion - abuse of plenty (Deu_4:10-12), inclination to idolatry (Deu_4:14, Deu_4:15), and gives them some general precepts (Deu_4:13, Deu_4:16-18).  V. He directs them what instructions to give their children (Deu_4:20, etc.).


Deu 6:2  so that you will fear Adonai your God and observe all his regulations and mitzvot that I am giving you - you, your child and your grandchild - as long as you live, and so that you will have long life.

H3372  ירא  yârê'

BDB Definition: 1) to fear, revere, be afraid

1a1) to fear, be afraid 1a2) to stand in awe of, be awed 1a3) to fear, reverence, honour, respect

1b) (Niphal) 1b1) to be fearful, be dreadful, be feared 1b2) to cause astonishment and awe, be held in awe 1b3) to inspire reverence or godly fear or awe 1c) (Piel) to make afraid, terrify

2) (TWOT) to shoot, pour


Deu 6:3  Therefore listen, Isra'el, and take care to obey, so that things will go well with you, and so that you will increase greatly, as Adonai, the God of your ancestors, promised you by giving you a land flowing with milk and honey.

If we obey it will go well with us.


Deu 6:4  "Sh'ma, Yisra'el! Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai echad [Hear, Isra'el! Adonai our God, Adonai is one];

Deu 6:5  and you are to love Adonai your God with all your heart, all your being and all your resources.

Deu 6:6  These words, which I am ordering you today, are to be on your heart;

Deu 6:7  and you are to teach them carefully to your children. You are to talk about them when you sit at home, when you are traveling on the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

With all things.



Deu 6:8  Tie them on your hand as a sign, put them at the front of a headband around your forehead,

Deu 6:8 - And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand,.... As a man ties anything to his hand for a token, that he may remember somewhat he is desirous of; though the Jews understand this literally, of binding a scroll of parchment, with this section and others written in it, upon their left hand, as the Targum of Jonathan here interprets the hand:


and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes; and which the same Targum interprets of the Tephilim, or phylacteries, which the Jews wear upon their foreheads, and on their arms, and so Jarchi; of which See Gill on Mat_23:5.


Deu 6:9  and write them on the door-frames of your house and on your gates.

The mezuzah.


Deu 6:16  Do not put Adonai your God to the test, as you tested him at Massah [testing].

This is what the Messiah quotes to satan when he is being tested in the desert. 


There is only one who has perfect eyesight and that is God.

Deu 6:18  You are to do what is right and good in the sight of Adonai, so that things will go well with you

As children of God both natural and grafted in we should try to see things through that perfect sight. When we do that the Lord promises that things will go well with us.


D’Varim/ Deuteronomy 7 -

Moses in this chapter exhorts Israel, 

I.                   In general, to keep God's commandments (Deu_7:11, Deu_7:12). 

II.                In particular, and in order to that, to keep themselves pure from all communion with idolaters. 

1. They must utterly destroy the seven devoted nations, and not spare them, or make leagues with them (Deu_7:1, Deu_7:2, Deu_7:16, Deu_7:24).  

2. They must by no means marry with the remainders of them (Deu_7:3, Deu_7:4). 

3. They must deface and consume their altars and images, and not so much as take the silver and gold of them to their own use (Deu_7:5, Deu_7:25, Deu_7:26). To enforce this charge, he shows that they were bound to do so,  (1.) In duty. Considering [1.] Their election to God (Deu_7:6). [2.] The reason of that election (Deu_7:7, Deu_7:8). [3.] The terms they stood upon with God (Deu_7:9, Deu_7:10).  (2.) In interest. It is here promised, [1.] In general, that, if they would serve God, he would bless and prosper them (Deu_7:12-15). [2.] In particular, that if they would drive out the nations, that they might not be a temptation to them, God would drive them out, that they should not be any vexation to them (Deu_7:17, etc.).


Verse 6 we see what Kefa (Peter) quoted when he wrote through the Ruach HaKodesh a people set apart for the Lord. So if we want the promises and be part of that royalty we have to follow the rules.


Verse 8 is the Lord telling us He did this because He loved us first.


Deu 7:9  From this you can know that Adonai your God is indeed God, the faithful God, who keeps his covenant and extends grace to those who love him and observe his mitzvot, to a thousand generations.

Verse 9 God tells us that He will extend grace for our mess up’s daily because He loves us. But it is conditional. I you mess up on accident it is forgiven but if you are a brat and hate His rules then you will feel His wrath. To your face. Deu 7:10  But he repays those who hate him to their face and destroys them.




From D’Varim 4:2

Rev 22:18  I warn everyone hearing the words of the prophecy in this book that if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues written in this book.

Rev 22:19  And if anyone takes anything away from the words in the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the Tree of Life and the holy city, as described in this book.


From D’Varim 6:16 Messiah quotes this (Luke 4)

Mat 4:6  "If you are the Son of God," he said, "jump! For the Tanakh says, 'He will order his angels to be responsible for you. . . . They will support you with their hands, so that you will not hurt your feet on the stones.' "

Mat 4:7  Yeshua replied to him, "But it also says, 'Do not put Adonai your God to the test.' "


From D’Varim 7:6 Kefa quotes this. (Acts 20, Romans chapter 6 & 12, Messianic Hebrews 10)

1Pe 2:1  Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice, of all deceit, hypocrisy and envy, and of all the ways there are of speaking against people;

1Pe 2:2  and be like newborn babies, thirsty for the pure milk of the Word; so that by it, you may grow up into deliverance.

1Pe 2:3  For you have tasted that Adonai is good.

1Pe 2:4  As you come to him, the living stone, rejected by people but chosen by God and precious to him,

1Pe 2:5  you yourselves, as living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be cohanim set apart for God to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to him through Yeshua the Messiah.