What is a Videotract?

Short, Intense, Scripture based experiences

for and Attention Deficit World

Have you ever seen a Chick Tract (www.chick.com) or an American Bible society (http://www.atstracts.org) paper tract? In today’s TV and Computer society what do you do if the person your trying to reach is not a reader. 

Now you have an incredible tool you can use for those people the “Videotract”. The Videotract (VT) does the same thing those paper tracks do only in video form. Most of our tracts are under 10 minutes long. Now you get the same effect the booklet gets but with moving pictures, music and sound efx’s that you watch on your TV or Computer.


Communicator Award Winner



The Gospel of John like you have never seen. Each verse a meticulously perfect picture. If you have anyone in your life not saved they must see this.


2Communicator Award Winner



The Gospel of Yochanan like you have never seen. Each verse a meticulously perfect picture. If you have anyone in your life not saved they must see this.


Is there a heaven? 

How can I get into heaven? 

Do all people get into heaven?

These are all really great questions that many adults and children ask. It's a Simple Choice that each of us has to make. 

Take a ride through the Bible and see how simple the Lord made it for us to choose heaven.

Take a few minutes and watch this “Videotract” and than you can make “A Simple Choice”


The world is saying that man evolved from the apes. People will say that there was never a Messiah. Some will say that the bible is collection of man made stories. That might be true and it might not. You will have to make a decision.

But before you make that decision you should have all the facts. Eternity is a long time to make an ill advised decision. Enjoy watching Creation or Corruption it may be the biggest decision of your whole life.


Item Name: John 3
Item Number: J3
Price: $5.99


Item Name: Yochanan 3
Item Number: Y3
Price: $5.99


Item Name: A Simple Choice
Item Number: ASC
Price: $9.95


Item Name: Creation or Corruption
Item Number: CC
Price: $9.95

Love the Jewish people or see what happened to those who did not!!!

Take a Journey in History. Travel through Egypt, Roman Empire, 
The Inquisition, British Empire
and Nazism. 
See how these people persecuted the Jews and what God did to them


Put the fear of Hell into them, by bringing them Heaven!!!

This video is great for all people. You know that line people give you..." I never killed anyone" We invite you to take 10 minutes and watch this videotract .

Ask yourself this question would it be scary if the Lord had every moment of your life from firth to death on video? See how Tom fares in "Your Life".

Fact: There is no archeological evidence that the “Star of David” is King David’s star.

So what is this symbol found on the flag of Israel ? Could it be the catalyst for why

Jews and Christians should they be worshipping the Messiah as one people?  

     Take a journey with 

Dr. Mark A. Pillar Filippone through time to find that this symbol stands the test of time over any and all other “religious symbols”.  

The Name

(Winner 2005 Communicator Award of Distinction )

The Hebrew Language is a perfect language. Every letter, every stroke of the pen is very important. Usually the letter have more significance than most people know.

Did you ever wonder why the Priests got so mad about what Pilot wrote?

There is a great reason and you should desire to know that reason.

Did you ever want to get to know the Lord better?

Everything is in the bible for a Great Purpose. You have many presents waiting to be opened, come and open them and draw closer to your beloved Lord.

Item Name: Hear the Warning
Item Number: HTW
Price: $14.99

Item Name: Your Life
Item Number: YL
Price: $9.95

Item Name: The Star
Item Number: Star
Price: $9.95

Item Name: The Name
Item Number: Name
Price: $4.99

The Names of God

Imagine being married to someone so special that you would give your life for them.

That is what God did for us. Now imagine instead of calling God, Lord you call Him Bob. How do you think that makes Him feel?

The Lord told us His name through the Ancient Hebrew Scripture. Learn what those names are and how to pronounce them, and what there true definition is.


This presentation goes over 14 of those precious names.

El Elyon

El Sheddai


Yehovah Nissi

Yehovah Raah


Yehovah Rapha

Yehovah Shalom


El Olam

Yehovah Yireh

Yehevah Shammah

El Gibbor


Gospel Girl

Like Bible man but now we have a Girl Super Spiritual Fighter!

Follow Gospel Girl as she fights against evil using the Word of God.


Music Video's

The Old Testament is the The New Testament concealed


The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.

See the Prophecies that foretold the Messiah in the Scriptures. See the fulfillment in the New Testament.  


Item Name: The Names of God
Item Number: NOG
Price: $14.95

Item Name: Gospel Girl
Item Number: GG
Price: $9.95

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