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As it was in the beginning so it will be in the end-of-days

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The Fall Holy Days


#HB007 Sukkot-The Ingathering of the nations






Rev 7:8  from the tribe of Z'vulun 12,000, from the tribe of Yosef 12,000, from the tribe of Binyamin 12,000.

Rev 7:9  After this, I looked; and there before me was a huge crowd, too large for anyone to count, from every nation, tribe, people and language. They were standing in front of the throne and in front of the Lamb, dressed in white robes and holding palm branches in their hands;

Who are these 144,000 virgin Jewish men with all these Gentiles, from every tribe, people and language? And why are they holding PALM BRANCHES? Why weren’t they holding olive branches, mistletoe, oak branches, weeping willows? How does this tie in with Yeshua’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem? Why does it matter and what does it have to do with Sukkot- “Feast of Tabernacles”? Many times people like to go to the wedding reception but not to the ceremony? See how Sukkot is the most joyful of all the perfect Holy Days but you can’t get there if you don’t attend the wedding.

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#HB006 Yom Kippurim “Our Vows”





One candle

Rev 20:13  The sea gave up the dead in it; and Death and Sh'ol gave up the dead in them; and they were judged, each according to what he had done.

Rev 20:14  Then Death and Sh'ol were hurled into the lake of fire. This is the second death — the lake of fire.

Rev 20:15  Anyone whose name was not found written in the Book of Life was hurled into the lake of fire.

The Moadeem “Appointed times” of the King of the Universe. To be able and blessed to celebrate what Yeshua celebrated. What an honor and blessing for those who truly follow Messiah. Yom Kippurim is about entering into a special face to face meeting with “Our King”.

The day of Atonements, what is this fall holy day all about? Why does satan want you to forget about it? What is this book of life Yochanan was talking about in Rev. 20? Remember Yochanan was a Jew, writing to Jews and those gentile converts to Messianic Judaism. So if we allow our light inside us to forget the light and His ways, our day can come to a horrible end if you let your light be put out. Yom Kippurim is the final day of Teshuvah, the time of repentance. Learn what a truly incredible special day of Marriage Yom Kippurim is all about. Understand what rav. Sha’ul (Paul) was talking about in Corinthians when he said I will meet “Face to Face”. En inglés y español


HB005 Yom Teruah “The Voice of Adonai”






Isa 55:7  Let the wicked person abandon his way and the evil person his thoughts; let him return to Adonai, and he will have mercy on him; let him return to our God, for he will freely forgive.

Isa 55:8  "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not my ways," says Adonai.

The Hebrew Holy Days…No…Adonai’s Holy Days!!! The last three weeks leading up to Yom Teruah the Day of sounding the Shofar has been truly amazing. But so what? Who cares about the shofar, who cares what it means, who cares to even hear it? Adonai does. Adonai is still the merciful God that was spoken about through Yeshaiyahu. But we as people who follow our own will and our own ways need to try and return to perfection, and His ways are perfect. The wonderful thing about Adonai is He wrote down His words for us. He told us what things are perfect and what is not in His eyes. He told us what pleases Him and what does not, and there are many things that do not. It is up to us to read and seek His truths. Adonai does not respect man or his man made holydays. He has commanded us, His followers to celebrate His appointed times. We are living in a time where you will need to truly understand what pleases the Lord. I implore you listen to this message before it is too late.

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Beth Goyim Messianic Congregation is a 501C3 not for profit organization

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